Closing Lines

by Not Yet Fallen

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released June 1, 2013

Recorded by Not Yet Fallen & Giuseppe Bisemi.
Mixed & mastered by Luca Spigato @ Hate Studio.
Artwork by Heart Studio.



all rights reserved


Not Yet Fallen Padua, Italy

The band was born in July 2008. Their first self-producted EP "Collapsing Under Broken Icons" came to life in February '09. In april 2010 they recorded a short EP at Hate Studios in Rosà (VI), entitled "Remembrance". After many satisfying experiences on stage with italian and international acts, they recorded their first full-length “Closing Lines” in early 2013. ... more

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Track Name: Erasures & Partings
Now hold your breath and take control of yourself, raise your arms from the mud with no shame. Before my eyes I can see you rise again, so don't refuse my help and don't forget the past. Always seeking solace to get the fuck out of this self-defeating misery. What are you driving at? Think hard. There is another solution. Choose a better way, let your heart go on in that direction. Find yourself a shell to live, your innocence is not a crime, so hold on once again. Resist again, it's time for you to hold on. It's getting hard to find out the truth, this is my last advice to you, so take this chance and start anew. Take the lead in your own life, this is what you are supposed to do. Just find out the truth in all this mess and realize you're not alone. Just take this chance and start anew.
Track Name: Fugitives
We're all in this together, running from the end of our kind, but few know who has been left behind. This is the day of martyrs, the epilogue of those who set us free. Picking up the rest of me through the remains, running from the end of days, forever. With every step I take I become part of the struggle, I'll become the one they will fear. With each passing day I get stronger, you will learn everything from me. Since the day it all went black, we tried to realize what has gone wrong. Did it happen for a reason? 'Cause we are fighting for the right to live. And I look backwards to see what we have lost, to see what we've forsaken. And I look backwards to understand what we have done, and if we deserved this all. The fight for freedom has just begun, within our hearts. Run away.
Track Name: Trail Of Ashes
Through the darkest days of our lives, upon the ruins of these dreams. We crawl together across this sorrow lands with no sunlight to keep us warm, to keep us safe. Unable to move, stuck in this place. Compromised, we have waited for so long but there was nothing left to see.
Cold and weak, constrained to stare at the screen forevermore, with broken hope. A signal incomplete encodes the end of our days. Unable to speak, stuck in this place, eternally. 'Til fate do us part, 'til death do us unite. We live in despair. At the end of everything I can barely realize we are left alone. We live only once, waiting for the dawn. Walking shadows like strangers to this world.
Track Name: Towards The Storm
As the clouds gather fast to design wide figures out in the skies, quickly the earth crushes down and screams to spread its painful cry. Life slowly fades to gray and oceans collide inside. A lack of self control now turns to the scariest threatening sign. The air becomes harder to breathe, the walls will crumble to the ground again, awakened by a pulsing grief. The oracle is dead. Coming closer to the end of the world, to the edge of it all. Nowhere to hide, nowhere to escape. How much is the price to pay? Mankind is always bound to regret. How many seconds we have left to decide our fate? It's the last chance to take back our world. There's no self confidence, there's no self regard, only shadows to preserve our tragic fate. How we shall ever learn to control mood towards each other? Towards the storm.
Track Name: Borderlands
A separation, made to destroy my will. The consequence of a choice made only for you. I would sacrifice every single part of me to have back the power to turn off the sun, the skill of returning back in time. Sweetly confined into this threshold, I wait for the reckoning to come. Guilty, but free of all their lies, I left behind my fears because I did my time. Remind me again the voice of the birds, the breath of the wind, the taste of your lips, the scent of the grass, the light of your eyes. This distance brings isolation, and now I am far from everything. Don't blame me with their faults. Remember that I did this all for you. But I want you to know that I would sacrifice every part of me to see you now by my side. And I hope you would give away every single part of you to take my hand and and fly away. I will make amend, I will wipe the tears again from your weeping face and cover you with my embrace. We will fade away, I will fade away with you, again. It's time for us to set aside and rise.
Track Name: The Last One Standing
The struggle of a lifetime consumes me within, with a million thoughts overcrowding my mind. But I am still alive to prove they were not right. Too proud to leave it all, I am nothing but a survivor with enough voice to say: they won't prevail on me. Standing my ground and facing the solitude. And even if it seems there's no tomorrow and no shelter from the rain, I will survive this war, for I am the only one who cares. There is still hope. I look back with a smile, longing for the past. Homesickness is my fellow traveller. And I look back with anger on those painful years, so far away from home. And even if it seems there's no redemption in this godforsaken world, I swear I will return, for I am the chosen one to tell the truth. From the bottom of my heart, deep within my soul, I know there's a way back to home. There is still hope.
Track Name: Newcomer
Back in the days when we were free from every chain, I kept memories that are still alive within myself. You are the key of our salvation, the key of everything. You're the only one who proves our legacy. There's no easy way to discover the truths of life. Only time can tell what will remain of us and what will turn to dust, and be covered by the sands. You will find yourself through this lonely road, the same we once walked alone. We are slowly fading but it's not the time for tears. You will testify a new beginning, so mark these words: open your eyes and find the meaning of this life. Evoke our memories. We want you to survive, even though a thousand miles separate our destinies. Only time can tell what will remain of you, only fate can reveal the secrets of your own existence. 'Cause we are meant to take all these questions with no answer. And this is what drives us further to new hopes. We will lose ourselves in this lonely world. We are the past that won't pass away. Only you can bear this all, standing on your feet and rising from the ground. Open your eyes and find the meaning of this life, we want you to survive, even though a thousand miles separate us from you.
Track Name: Mirror Gardens, Burial Seas
Reaching the end of this experience, we stand alone, gathering all the thoughts. Skilled enough to know what the future holds, we trusted this separation. Proud to have come this far, beyond the limits, we bid farewell to all we loved. Dragged in this recurring dream, left undefined, we bid farewell to all our concerns. This ending will sweep away all the lies. We fled this reality, drifting with the tides. We fled this life and crawled back to the ocean, where every sound fades away, where every thought slips away. Wrecking upon these shores, where everything is calm and still, we found salvation. Across watery fields we found our home, a reflection in the mirrors of our soul. We used to climb the highest trees to reach the sun, we spent our days staring at the sky. Now that we've found our place and came to terms with this world, we can finally see, we can finally breathe.